We talk to this enough on #insurtechinsiders, Sarah and I are known of love of #escooters (no really). Yesterday,  Bob Crozier pointed this one out to us. Part of me feels sorry for her, I'm sure we all did things at 20 years old that we probably shouldn't. 

But it again highlights part of the challenge ahead, even when we have put in place insurance, licence checks and more.  escooters 🛴 on our roads feel a factor of inevitability now, but we don't want to see these headlines each week (or worse).  There's work to do here, but one for retailers selling, the government and the #insurance industry.   

What do you think we could or should do to save ourselves here?  Europe seem to have managed this so far, or have they?  Is it much different to #bikes & #ebikes? 🚴🏻‍♀