Firstly, I'm so pleased to see people posting from around the world that they are back in the offices.  

In the last 24 hours, I have seen pictures of colleagues and peers from Germany, Hong Kong and France, working from offices.

This one, however, caught my eye.  The New York Stock Exchange has reopened, albeit with reduced capacity for now, small steps, progress not perfection.  

This line in particular piqued my interest..."To return to their jobs, floor traders also have to sign a liability waiver that prevents them from suing the NYSE if they get infected at the exchange'" 

I appreciate the USA is traditionally more litigious, however, how common might this be going forward for all employers or places of work?  

Will it differ for employees/offices with a single place of work as opposed to trading floors such as the NYSE , or, Lloyds of London?  Is insurance even available for this?

I suspect many will follow this approach to mitigate any future claims.