I love this! Netflix are in a super fortunate to be in this position. But moreover, it’s highly responsible.

I remember working with a charity that actively stopped marketing to existing customers, simply because it acted as a reminder that they had a regular direct debit and many would stop it.

I have heard of companies actively reducing prices without ever being asked. See here for examples.

This to me is a pleasant and welcome surprise. The utility of consumption is something I talk about A LOT.

Now think how this would work if it's an insurance company. Or do we have this already? For example, if it comes to telematics, the premiums are directly linked to how much you drive. ByMiles, who have a base fee, plus then a usage fee on top.

These business models are critical and will avoid the need for such future programmes, but also allow us to deal with vulnerable customers in a completely different way.

The same could be said for health programmes that reward good and healthy behaviours. Imagine, 'Hey Nigel, you drove less than you expected this year, heres a rebate, or a free extension to your term'.

New business models, such as Laka cycle insurance, are switching the model around entirely to focus on the customer signal. It’s the end of Insurance as we once knew it!

This is a great move - I would love to see if and how other industries follow.