Community. A word that seems to epitomise the outbreak of COVID-19. Existing communities have come together, new communities have been born and even communities you didn’t think existed have rallied around to ensure we navigate these challenging times together.

As bike shops were given the green light as an essential service and public transport has deterred its regular commuter as it runs at a fraction of its overall capacity, its hardly surprising cycling could be entering ‘its golden age’ and being placed back at the heart of every community.

However, with many upsides and positives there are negatives. In this instance, since lockdown, bike thefts have grown significantly with insurers across the board reporting thefts up circa 40%. 

A timely reminder for those turning to two wheels to not forget appropriate cover both theft and third party liability (the risk of injuring someone else if you were involved in an accident)...and a good lock! 

Delighted to see plenty of InsurTechs focused in the space, such as Laka and Bikmo.