I read this article, about a new pilot running in France to see if passengers are wearing a mask or not, with huge interest.

They are measuring just one objective here, but given the UK is one of the most camera covered countries across Europe, this gives us a good opportunity to keep people safe as the country starts to come back to work, travel and more, should we follow suit.

How you enforce this is a whole other conversation (or penalise those that don't have access to masks etc).

Watching the morning news, seeing people getting off of trains, many wearing masks and many not - and that in itself is creating levels of anxiety for many people.

It will be interesting to see how this evolves for sure and the hugely important role of technology in keeping us safe during the coming months, post pandemic.

With the imminent arrival of contact tracing apps, are insurers finally edging towards the moment that matters when it comes to engagement? Each of us are likely to have an app in the palm of our hands that could be considered lifesaving to us going forward. If this were to be combined with say a medical app or remote doctor, could it help health insurers pro-actively engage with their customers in a meaningful way which genuinely adds value?