The COVID-19 situation is complex and fast-moving, resulting in an extremely challenging environment to navigate. This daily regulatory intelligence bulletin, powered by RegHub and Corlytics, aims to provide a summary of regulatory developments relating to COVID-19. More information on how COVID-19 might impact your firm is available here.

Monday 30th March 2020

United Kingdom

HMRCRegulations temporarily suspended to fast-track supplies of PPE to NHS staff and protect companies hit by COVID-19
FCAIdentifying key financial workers – responsibilities of Senior Managers

Republic of Ireland

CBICentral Bank of Ireland sets out Expectations of Insurers in Light of COVID-19 Emergency

European Union

EBAEBA publishes final draft standards on key areas for the EU implementation of the FRTB
ECBRecommendation of the ECB of 27 March 2020 on dividend distributions during the COVID-19 pandemic and repealing Recommendation (ECB/2020/1) (ECB/2020/19), 27.3.2020.
ECB asks banks not to pay dividends until at least October 2020
ESMAPublic statement on publication deadlines under the Transparency Directive
ESMA issues guidance on financial reporting deadlines in light of COVID-19
ESMA confirms application date of equity transparency calculations
EUPARLThe ‘general escape clause’ within the Stability and Growth Pact: Fiscal flexibility for severe economic shocks
Plenary round-up – Brussels, March II 2020


BaFinEZB fordert Banken auf, bis mindestens Oktober 2020 keine Dividenden auszuzahlen
Verspätete Finanzberichte nach Ansicht der ESMA kurzzeitig nicht zu verfolgen
IAIS verlängert Einreichungsfrist für Datenerhebung zum internationalen Kapitalstandard


ACPRThe AMF and the ACPR warn the public of the risks of scams in the context of the coronavirus epidemic
AMFCovid-19 : L'AMF informe les actionnaires et les sociétés cotées des mesures exceptionnelles prises pour l’organisation des assemblées générales
The AMF and the ACPR warn the public of the risks of scams in the context of the coronavirus epidemic


BDIRaccomandazione della Banca d'Italia sulla distribuzione di dividendi da parte delle banche italiane meno significative durante la pandemia
Recommendation of the Bank of Italy on the dividend distribution policies of less significant Italian banks during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Netherlands

DNDIntroduction by the President at the press conference for DNB’s 2019 Annual Report
Inleiding President bij de persconferentie over het Jaarverslag DNB 2019


CSSFDisclosure of information by issuers of securities under the Transparency Law

International / Global

BISGovernors and Heads of Supervision announce deferral of Basel III implementation to increase operational capacity of banks and supervisors to respond to Covid-19

Note: Key Updates as of 8:00am Monday 30th March 2020