For any consumers and fans of the 'everything store' (me 🙋🏻‍♂️), this will no doubt come as a pleasant and welcome addition.

For years we have talked about the disruption from GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook & Apple), and their Eastern equivalent powerhouses BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) looking to compete with the traditional providers in Financial Services.

It's no surprise BBVA are doing this, they have clearly been leading in innovation for many years.  A few key questions for me;

- How many other will follow?  

- Will this truly become a marketplace for financial services?

- How (or even can) will they deal with advised vs non advised sales?

- What products will this work for and which won't it?

The customer's 'moment of truth' is distinctly different between insurance and banking. For insurance, it's the quote & buy process. And for banking, it's purchasing.  

A friend of mine, Rahul, points out that Acko have been doing this with Insurance in India for quite a while now, giving people the option of adding insurance.  In fact just yesterday, when buying something, before I completed the purchase I had a popup to see if I wanted two years insurance. 

How soon before we get the cake and it's fully embedded, not just distributed?