An interesting article from Forbes about four project management trends. Insightful observations around the influence of automation and the regular contention in delivering projects as to how much you can automate the role of the project manager (PM), particularly around relying on 'process' and 'data' to enable the right decisions to be made. 

Whilst we all aspire to make evidence-driven decisions, I believe PMs will always require good judgment against which they can weigh up what the data is telling them. This comes from understanding the working environment and the relationships between stakeholders. 

AI and other technologies will make a difference in this space but we're not seeing huge impacts yet when it comes to project management. I expect this is coming from the construction and engineering worlds allowing for easier What-If analyses and identifying trends across projects.

Making good decisions also relies on lively debate, with opposing viewpoints and an understanding as to what allows organisations to accommodate and accept change. By bringing increased diversity into project teams and governance bodies, we avoid group-think and create a healthier mix of views and working styles.