Really interested and intrigued to see Volvo have launched a 'Car Accident Advisor' service. Another dent (no pun intended!) or step away from the insurer here?

This is in essence a digital version of the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) process for claims, which allows you to send your notice to your insurer, together with photos and more (assuming the route into the carrier is good and they can accept such a format).

Over the last few years, many insurers and InsurTech startups have focussed on digitising the FNOL process. Volvo's service looks to bring that forward and let the motor manufacturer do this process instead.

How far can this go? If we jump into the future world of self-driving, perhaps the two vehicles (if they ever actually crash) could do the FNOL automatically and negotiate the outcome themselves? 

An interesting move in which the brand can own more and more of the insurance experience. 

How long before the notice and claims process becomes embedded and invisible?