Back in September I posted about the Barclays Hackathon and was fortunate to be able to observe much of the two-day event. As part of this, participants were asked for their feedback on the event and the viability of using DLT as well as their views on the ISDA Common Domain Model. Their feedback and the event itself has been written up and makes very interesting reading. I recommend that you take a look at our report

What struck me was that, while the majority of participants used DLT technology, there were a small number of teams using different technologies, for example the Symphony messaging platform. Moreover, for the DLT providers, the event provided an accelerated way of understanding how their technology can support post-trade processing. An interesting development, for example, is the recent announcement that Digital Asset it is working with ISDA to develop an open-source reference code library that will help derivatives market participants adopt the CDM. 

Development of the CDM itself is ongoing, with Version 2.0 being released in March. What's more is that this is now accessible by all market participants, not just ISDA members. So why not take a look?