I absolutely love this from BBVA.  For a while now, many studies have shown that Digitally Mature Organisations were likely to be more profitable than their peers and outperform them. 

Today we can see this materialise in the launch of this D-Loan proposition from BBVA, with the support BCG to asses a firms Digital Maturity.

The net result has a direct impact on the price you pay.  I wonder how many other organisations and institutions will follow? The underlying intent perhaps focussed on helping the the company invest on areas that make most of a difference, reducing the cost of the loan the more mature, and better able to serve their customers. 

Maybe not totally new, I know many insurers already offer reduced deductibles based on training levels (e.g. Cyber Essentials) or compliance levels when it comes to cyber - insurers already working on risk management and prevention.

Who else is up for this in insurance?