Wow, watching the episodes of BBC's Click week after week, you can start to see how the criminals are, and continue to stay, one step ahead, or at least it feels that way each and every time one of these emerges.

I don't know if this is becoming easier and easier, or the criminal gangs are becoming smarter and smarter or the developers just not testing.  

This particular episode (link below), which explores how third-party alarms have made cars easier to steal, seems quite interesting. The 'thieves' have not cloned the key or anything clever, but found a hole in the demo account, logged in, changed someones email, then changes their password, then took over the account and had all the car's details!

A friend just a few weeks ago was showing me all the things you could do with the car via the app these days - its super impressive.   

There have been a number of incidents recently from 'relay crime' (the BBC have explored it recently here) that spoofs the idea of the keyless go system being near by. But go back to 2015, and this problem was already being reported (such as here). Why has nothing being done four years on? 

When will we add biometrics on the wheel. For example, a car coded to folks authorised to drive it only, in the same way we do for some guns (note, I'm not a gun fan, but it seems a sensible and relatable solution to lock/code this to the authorised user only). 

Where is insurance in all this? One of the key questions asked about your car is does your car have an alarm or tracker?

What if it does and this was the cause of the theft, or identifying its location?

PS: As a random aside, my first ever movie I took my wife to was - Gone in 60 seconds. Almost 20 years later, a) she still doesn't forgive me, and b) is it any coincidence that back then, they cloned a key too?