Fascinating to see this, the cost of cover continues to fall in the UK, however, 1 in 4 people still have no cover for their possessions.  

In conversations with friends and others, I am noticing more and more of a trend to not insure at all (for this type of cover).  Yes to travel insurance. People recognise the need to be repatriated if something goes wrong. Yes to buildings cover for the bigger bills in case anything serious goes wrong.

But when it comes to our possessions, nothing, nada. NO cover needed.

I asked my wife, if our house burned down - what would we rush back for?.  Assuming that the kids and the cat were safe, what would we go back for? And the answer surprised me.  Nothing.  There is nothing of material value, nothing that couldn't be replaced.  That's not to say we could afford to replace it all easily, but It generally surprised me.

It will be interesting to see how this impacts the InsurTech market with services such as Buzzvault and Trov giving you more transparency on what you insure and for how long.

Are attitudes towards insurance changing?  What's your view, if your house was burning down, falling down or flooding, what would material items would you save?