The debate post The Duke of Edinburgh's crash has had many asking, at what age is too old to drive? 

Personally, I really admire that the Duke still drives at the age of 97, whether it's horse power or a Range Rover, the freedom and independence is great. I certainly hope I get to keep driving and doing the things I love at 97 too!

However, if I'm not fit enough to drive, I'm safe in the knowledge that the future of mobility will help me keep the independence I crave. One of the key benefits of autonomous vehicles is the ability to transport people around who are no longer capable of driving. Also, in the future, autonomous vehicles could help prevent incidents like the one the Duke was in altogether as the car will be able to take over at the hint of an imminent incident. It's happening already in fact, plenty examples from Tesla and others. This video compilation here of a Tesla braking as the radar sees the accident ahead before the driver does.

Quite simply, autonomous vehicles will make the roads safer for us all and enable the freedom for us regardless of our age.

Even our comparison sites have specific filters for over 70's and 80's -

In the future, I bet we wont even be asking this question.