Driving my six year old to a class this weekend, she asked me if all cars have steering wheels. I said they do today, but they wont always. Sometime in her life, they will likely go away and you’ll just need to tell the car where you want to go and it will drive you automatically.

She then leant forward and proceeded to talk to the Sat Nav screen - saying, gymnastics please! It got me thinking.

I have often dismissed voice as a service for doing things. Today it’s just emulating what we set up without, in my view, being too smart. So automating routines etc (e.g. lights off), but still early days and it feels very robotic.

That said, hearing at a recent event that Amazon now surface 20% of all search via voice was interesting. To put this into context, a few years back, you would go onto Amazon or your favourite online store/retail store and pick up a brand that you recognise. Today, you say, “Alexa add some AAA batteries to my shopping basket” or similar. You would rarely say the brand. Does it matter in some cases?

Since then, Amazon have launched their own brand batteries and now have 68% market share in batteries in just five years. Thats pretty impressive!  

I often think, if you want to see and understand the future, spend time with the kids. From the moment they walk up to the TV and try to swipe the screen as they do on an iPad etc, you just know we have programmed them differently and they see the world entirely differently. 

I'm pretty sure I'm wrong on this, but equally look forward to a time when it’s more natural and easier to engage, as opposed to programatic.

Right or wrong, it's coming and I look forward to it!.