I was interested in a new report, the Access to Cash Review, which shows that UK could become a cashless society in the next 25 years. No cash, no worries? Well not quite. Dig a little deeper and you'll find that nearly 25 million people would struggle without access to cash. 

Key quotes that grabbed my attention included: 

  • “We are at risk of ‘sleepwalking’ into a cashless society which could cause ‘significant harm’ for millions not yet ready and still unsupported by digital innovations” 
  • “In 15 years’ time, the report estimates cash transactions will account for just 10% of all transactions.” 
  • "The report concludes: "To address these risks we need to keep a reliable and effective cash infrastructure in place for those who need and choose to use cash while developing digital solutions the work for everyone. As Britain moves towards a more cashless society, we must not leave anyone behind."

The march towards technological innovation always has consequences.