It was always inevitable. Lemonade, one of the most talked about InsurTechs, launching in Europe.  I asked Daniel about this back on  Episode 11 of InsurTech Insider and the answer was, “we’ll be looking when we are ready”. 

They already have European investment from the likes of AXA XL and Allianz, so regardless, it’s a win/win for these carriers as well, of course, Softbank.

It’s often quoted - 'your margin is my opportunity' and clearly Daniel and the team firmly believe there is both here!  

This on the back of a report from consumer intelligence that bills have dropped by 0.4%, but premiums rising by 1.2% in the last 3 months on the claims of last winter.  So as always, the UK remains a highly competitive market.

Best of luck guys and look forward to seeing you here!  A great big welcome!