I spent some time last week collaborating with leaders from financial institutions, retailers, automotive manufacturers, technologists, utility companies, public sector organisations and charities debating how we can make the UK more 'tech fluent'. 

This was part of the UK Power Up week - aimed at exploring the critical challenges facing businesses, UK government and the wider society. We came up with some tangible actions to tackle the tech fluency challenge, and each of us committed to seeing specific actions through.

Stepping away from our day jobs, the creative debates we had reinforced some of the challenges we are currently facing and how we need to change some of our traditional approach to seeking, growing and motivating technology talent.

Some pearls of wisdom I took away from the session;

1. Everyone needs to be "tech savvy" in order to engage with tech safely and securely (across all ages and across any department in an organisation). 

2. Reinforce that technology is fun at the grassroots level - all jobs will use technology in the future.

3. Reverse mentoring can help improve "tech fluency" across the board while improving employee engagement.

4. Don't limit where you are looking for technology talent. Once you acquire them, invest in building their "T shaped" skills.