.So this may be old to some people, but for me it's my very first time, my first Dreamforce

Having heard lots and seen it grow from afar over the years, it's really hard to sum up in one word - but if I had to chose one, it would simply be WOW!!

This place is huge - I have been to this city hundreds of times over the last two decades, I have been to hundreds of tech conferences and this is totally different.  

The stats are just mind blowing - including:

  • 171,000 registered people here - the city population goes up by 20% during this week
  • 2,700 sessions over the week across 18 different official locations throughout the city.  At one point, I counted nearly 60 consecutive sessions
  • Some amazing speakers from all corners of the planet
  • An agenda covering technology, innovation, AI, mindfulness and more
  • 10m gallons of water saved by not serving beef - following what WeWork did a few months back
  • It has it's own national park in the middle of the city
  • The support for great causes through the 1-1-1 pledge model

And of course an endless list of announcements, some important ones to me including the following (more on these later):

One of the things that really stands out for me is the whole Trail Blazer theme.  Everywhere you look, you will see the common theme linked back to this - whether its Trailhead, Blaze Your Trail, to the badges, toys and so much more - this common theme in my view is simply genius and I have seen nothing else like it in the industry.

Congratulations salesforce on a really well run event, an amazing display from partners, innovators, SI's, ISV's and, most importantly for me, hearing from the great customers and all their stories on how the salesforce ecosystem is already changing the way they do business and where they go next!  

This is most certainly not a tech conference or like anything you will have experienced before. Truly WOW!