Connecting on a personal and emotional level with customers can increase the value generated over the customer’s lifetime. Making and measuring the impact of emotional connections with the brand, values and aspiration with the help of technology is now much easier, making this more business science than art.

An emotional connection is made by recognising a significant moment that matters and then tailoring content to the user that reminds them not only of the product offer, but the amplifies the reason why this is important to them at this point in their life. For example, if a customer was identified as interested in buying a home, they would receive an advert for mortgage products, user generated content would tailor this advert to the individual.      Perhaps showing clips of young families or second homes by the seaside depending on the customers demographic and understanding of what is important to them individually.  

The individual whilst reminded of the product, is more importantly reminded of the emotional reason they want a mortgage. US studies have shown that emotionally connected retail banking customers hold more products, maintain higher balances and remain loyal. In a retail banking market which is largely commoditised, perhaps connecting on an emotional level is the key to creating additional value.