Some fascinating insights here from Money Saving Expert on the optimal time to buy home insurance (and previously motor insurance) - if your focus is purely price.

Spoiler Alert - it’s 21 days! And it’s not a guess, it’s based on millions of quotes returned from the site.

Interestingly, those who leave it to the last minute are also more likely to have higher claims.

I love data as it can always tell a story, although I think this one, at least from a personal perspective, I don't think I agree nor conform. 

My insurance buying process is as follows; 

1. Receive my automated renewal quote

2. Check the price against the comparison site(s)

3. Leave it to the day before and renew with my existing provider - unless I wasn’t introduced to alternative when shopping around or I have had a bad experience for whatever reason.

Is it just me, what do you all do?