Banks and FinTechs alike are constantly exploring ways to get people, especially millennials, engaged with their finances. A word you often hear mentioned is 'gamification'; aimed at a generation reared on video games, FS providers are looking at using the 'reward systems' perfected by the video game industry to get people engaged in managing their finances.

I was, therefore, fascinated to read about Blast, a US startup that integrates with mobile games and allows players to make micro-savings as they progress. It's a great example of how Open Banking could lead to innovative new solutions by connecting different parties - just as a new mobile bank may choose to offer personal loans by integrating a third-party lender, maybe banks in future could embrace 'gamification' by allowing customers to link their current accounts to mobile games. And as someone who spends untold hours playing such games during my commute, it would be great to know I was being at least somewhat more productive!