With over 2,000 people from over 33 countries - Innovate Finance continues to be a must attend event for me, and as such, I'm very proud that Deloitte are platinum sponsors.

This year we've witnessed a huge increase in presence from the world of insurers and InsurTech's - largely down to the effort from Innovate Finance team to attract them but also down to sheer interest in this space. 

I caught up with lots of amazing people yesterday, Anne Boden & Megan Caywood of Starling,  Russell Pert of Facebook, Jamie Campbell, Bud, Chris Skinner with his New Book, Charlotte Croswell, Innovate Finance, Simon Taylor, 11FS and so many more to mention.

Three key insurance highlights for me from day 1:

1. A round table discussion hosted by John Salmon, Hogan Lovell's Partner and I on the importance of collaboration between Insurers & InsurTech's, the need (or not) for standardisation, the role of technology, and of course, no debate is complete these days without getting into talent and how insurers attract the best and brightest.  A great discussion to a packed out room of incumbents, innovators, investors, and disruptors.

2. Speaking with Daniel Schrieber from Lemonade, arguably the most talked about InsurTech on the planet, (whether that was the intention or not).  See more on the Deloitte site soon, as well as the 11FS InsurTech Insider podcast where he reveals when he is breaking out of the USA to Europe & beyond.

3. Hearing the conversation between two re-inventors, Paul Geddes, CEO of Direct Line Group and Daniel Schrieber, CEO of Lemonade, led by Natalie Ceeney, Chair of Innovate Finance. In my view, a fascinating discussion between the two, Lemonade showing off their 90 seconds claims process, their AI and Chatbot Technology and Paul talking about the importance of 'being more than a piece of paper', demonstrated through the great TV ad's currently running with the one and only Harvey Keitel.

Finally, Alison, Vicki (SFDC) and I get to chat to Satadru from DataRobot on the emerging AI and why everyone is talking about it on our new series of WHN - What Happens Next.  More info coming soon!  (and yes, I know thats 4 things, but there is simply so much going on!)

So in summary, a great day for insurers and InsurTechs at the show.

Thanks to all the Deloite folks in making this such a success including Angus, Emma, Mia, Lauren, Laura and so many more of the team!

Good luck to all those participating in Pitch360 today!  It's lined up to be a great final day!