Wow, my headlines get worse. I must work on that!

Another great example here of tech and data coming together to make consumers lives easier and get a better deal.  Who doesn't like a better deal?

Interesting here, it's again after the utility space, like Flipper before it.  This time no monthly subscription - it's funded though the commission on switching.  Sign up the Labrador 'Retriever' and off it goes - like an Insurance PCW constantly running looking for your next best deal.  Imagine that!

Like Bulb, a great UI/UX that' s optimised for mobile.

I've said for a while that I feel for commodity insurance plays as these kinds of services (like them or not) could quickly come to the insurance world and further drive value out, making us more invisible to the end customer.

I'd argue Bud are doing something similar inside the banking world with open banking access to utilities.

For me it's only a matter of time.  What's your view?  Which line could fall to this first - motor, cyber, travel, home?

Is this the next business opportunity for PCWs?