This is a positive move in my view.  Many folks have already committed to one or more devices or hubs around the home from the range of smart home items now available, including smart smoke alarm, lights and controls to name a few.

The biggest challenge here has been a) integrating them and then b) allowing other smart home providers access to use the data/get the value without them wanting to sending you their own kit (such as in the case of Neos).

I see this as a move in the right direction or at least providing an additional option to folks.  Its almost like the telematics debate (black box vs smart phone app), although I appreciate there are many other factors in play here.

I don't think there is a single right answer and there is, in my view, places for both. Those that want the convenience of an all in one package and others who have invested in items over time and want to be able to leverage their data to drive better risk insights and ultimately pricing.  Both have pros and cons. You are less likely to churn insurers if they have provided you kit, versus the easier to shop around if you have your own.

I'm looking forward to seeing this develop.