I have to say - I love this, and would very much use it.  With the rise of the sharing economy, I envisage true utility models developing for everything that we do (see my article, Frictionless Insurance in a Land of Utility). 

Such models take away various pain points by wrapping everything into one, including insurance, and providing extreme convenience to the end user. For a manufacturer, it also helps with the flow of new and used vehicles into the market. For me, this is the start of a landmark change in how and when we buy and use things. 

"Care by Volvo customers will be able to drive away in a new Volvo without having to worry about the traditional extras such as down payments, maintenance and insurance," the company said in a statement.

This is not new of course, Peugeot had this many years ago with their 'just add fuel' campaign - but the re-emergence of this shows the increased desire to keep things simple including insurance!

As the old Paul Getty saying goes - "if it depreciates, rent it - if it appreciates - buy it!".

I expect many more initiatives to follow.