Many others will also be super excited by the launch of the new iPhones, especially the 10th anniversary version, the 'X' (pronounced 10).

However, at over £1,200, I wonder what this will do to insurance cover - and not just home and contents.  Many policies have a single item limit of £1,000. But how will this now work?  

Travel and gadget insurance will need to change to cover such an expensive single item too. 

When travelling recently, I was very surprised to see that my travel insurance by default had excluded any gadgets and I needed to add them manually.  When you start to add up the cost of all of the things you travel with, it's pretty surprising. Let's take a family of four as an example; 

- 2 x iPhones 

- 1 DSLR camera

- 2 iPads (maybe More)

And this alone could be nearly £5,000.  It will be interesting to see how carriers react to this or how many people will declare their new single items over the usual limits.