Sad to see the results of a recent social experiment, which revealed only 6% of motorists stopping for a stranded driver. But with so much news about individuals safety and some of the crazy things going on in the world its hardly surprising.

I wonder if there is good guidelines for folks who have broken down in these situations.  Go back 10 - 20 years and the lack of mobile phones, you would often have to trek to the nearest orange phone.

Now its simply jump out of the car and phone or use your app to get help.  I recall on a breakdown (some time ago), one of the first questions asked to my wife was: "Are you on your own?". Which was re-assuring to know, as this suggests that certain groups are prioritised given these concerns for safety.

That said, I assume the flip side may also true, an elderly person may also be equally intimidated by someone stopping to help them out.