Enjoyed this - a really good read from Craig Foster. I agree with most of it, although I see myself more the eternal optimist. I personally rely on energy, sprit, optimism and a true belief that there’s so much to do. I'm equally pragmatic enough and have come from organisations, seen first hand how hard this actually is and can be.

The two things that stand out here for me is this was a bet, a gamble - somewhere an optimist believed something was possible. That optimist hired enough nutters to go try and was ok to make the bet, and was OK that it failed. This to me is golden rule #1. Without this level of optimism, and importantly exec support, would the Shed have ever been born? Reminds me of the piece on ‘hire the misfits’.

The second is around Epiphany #3 - Big Orgs are basket cases. Many will agree, myself included. But related to the above, getting the stakeholders, the pro supporters and the naysayers on board along the way is critical to the success. Often harder than the idea itself. Maybe optimists pull, pessimists push?