This topic crops up a lot at this time of year, and this article serves as a healthy reminder to us all about when going on holiday or generally just away from home.

Whilst the article calls out common sense to apply to social media, it fails to mention the temptation in the palm of your hands - mobile phone companies advertising and encouraging you to brag from the beach or other exotic location...roaming is now free after all. 

Most policies will include clauses with regards to how long your property is unoccupied but as highlighted below, 'reasonable care' must also be applied.

You could argue that leaving your house to go to work on a daily commute, ~240 days a year is not much different and it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to work out your daily patterns, however I'm not personally aware of any stories where insurers have used this as an example of not applying common sense or reasonable care.  

For most of us, we won't have stashes of expensive handbags or first edition novels - however the rules still apply.  Equally, I'm not a legal expert, but I'm sure in JT's case, there would have been plenty of publicity about his holiday that he didn't post himself. The same may be said of Kim Kardashian hold up in Paris

However, for those who don't have cameras following them, it boils down to self-control. Whilst it's tempting to check-in from your holiday destination, it's not going to be much of a holiday at all if you come back to an empty house. Common sense before bragging rights.