It's really great to see this from Lemonade, and more and more organisations designing this way by default. 

I really think in today's economy, transparency is the new currency (of course with a beautiful interface and a relevant, easy to access, cost effective product).  This is a great example of both and appeals for so many reasons - breaking the perceptions of insurance.  It's a win/win for all, and great to see the Giveback making a real difference, especially in comparison to the Fortune 100.  

It reminds me much of the foundation and the work they do with their integrated philanthropy, quite simply - 1% of people, 1% of technology and 1% of resources.  Both Lemonade and this have been inbuilt from the outset which I feel is critical. 

Let's not also forget some of the great initiatives that existing carriers and other firms do (including Deloitte) whether it's our One Million Futures campaign or supporting charities such as The Princes Trust - long may all of this continue.